This paper outlines the normal treatments of running a Wheel Relocate Equipment to irrigate a Wheat field as well as some individual experiences which could be useful for Agronomists or Agricultural Engineers.

a) Intro

This message briefly discusses my efforts in the processes of lawn sprinkler watering of a wheat area. In very early September, KG Business. selected me to perform sprinkler watering on a wheat field, in a location situated in southeast of Tehran. The field had to do with 10 hectares (460m X 220m), and also I should have applied a Wheel Relocate machine. KG Co., as the landowner and also concessionaire of the job, made me in charge of performing the irrigation procedure as well as guidance on T. Business’s benefit mounting irrigation equipment.

b) Background

Generally speaking Wheel Move (Wheel Line) device is thought about as one of the most cost-effective lawn sprinkler irrigation systems among mechanical movable systems. Every day a lot more farmers are attracted to make use of Wheel Relocate equipment because of its very easy usage. conserving water consumption, requiring much less variety of workers (for self relocation machines) and versatility are to name a few factors.

From the engineering sight, the bases of this project had actually been quite technological as well as to carry it out called for terrific skills as well as experience. Taking into consideration the proximity of the job site to the main branch of T. Co. in Tehran, the fees of the upkeep of machine had actually been really low, and all extra components were conveniently offered. So virtually specific of what I wished to do I started the task.

This project pursued its very own objectives, amongst which are:

1. Production of a vital item, Wheat, near the capital.

2. Utilizing Wheel Move equipment for saving in water intake in a location with little resources of water.

3. Producing a possibility for guideline and also advancement of new watering approaches for a crucial Agricultural product.

4. Developing job chances in a location with a high price of unemployment.

5. Creating a job position which connects to my significant in addition to promoting my clinical degree as well as getting experience in irrigation.

This task was performed in a continental area with the typical temperature of 15 Celsius and a moisture of 60%. Taking into consideration the insufficiency of the water sources as well as additionally the clay-loam texture of the area’s dirt, using Wheel Move device was the most appropriate watering method in order to stop several adverse elements such as; water loss, surface securing, look of illness as well as development of weeds; it likewise assisted in very easy fertilizing.

I worked as the manager and also executer of the irrigation process from the very beginning to the end. Performing the task was a serious duty which needed wonderful technical knowledge while I did not have sufficient experience in lawn sprinkler irrigation. Therefore I had to spend a great deal of time to connect with college teachers as well as communicate with technical experts, who had great experience in the field, consisting of KG’s supervisor. Learn more information on cellular agriculture by going to this link.

As the executive of the watering procedure I was in charge of the irrigation treatments of the farm within the time of seeding to harvest while the periods were set by agronomists. I was responsible for getting rid of the issues of watering in addition to obviating the defects of the machinery. As the supervisor, I was in charge of monitoring on mounting and also beginning the Wheel Relocate equipment by T.Co. the professional accountable. Besides in order to keep coordination and also participation in the project as well as enhancing the procedure consequently, I required to have a close connection with local Agricultural Department and also other members of the team including the agronomists, executive of civil and installments team, as well as the service provider in charge of installing the Wheel Move maker.

c) Individual Workplace Task

When it comes to the technological details of the work, after researching some recommendations as well as visiting the areas in which Wheel Move had been used, I to start with got to take a look at the physical state of the field like its length, size as well as its relief such the gradient and the soil appearance, so utilizing the Wheel Move device was validated after talking to the KG’s manager. Then after authorizing a contract with T. Co., I acted for getting, installing and also beginning the machine. At the same time I established the strategies with civil team to begin creating the pumping base (digging a well, building a pool of 20m x 10m x 3m, installing a pipe with the diameter of 4 inches as well as a length of 440m along the north side of the area).

While building the base as well as installing the device, I tried to have the other participants of the team and some other local farmers around to make sure that they can closely observe the procedures and also get familiar with this relatively modern system of watering while I had prepared some visual catalogs to clarify the treatment for them, for that reason in case there was any issue in the device, the workers might resolve the problem understanding about the parts of the equipment as well as exactly how to mount or fix them. In mid-September a Wheel Move device with the length of 207m was set up as well as checked.