THC is the substance that causes psychotropic effects, so the upper levels of THC that a plant can contain are regulated by law and can be higher than 0.2%.

CBD is the new superstar among OTC molecules with promising health benefits. Pay attention to the health properties that make CBD interesting. CBD does not cause psychotropic effects, quite the contrary, it seems to neutralize the effects caused by THC and in addition it could already demonstrate several beneficial effects, such as an antioxidant, neuroprotective and analgesic effect. We will have a deeper look at the effects later in this article.

How does it affect our body?

In the human body we can find receptors sensitive to cannabinoids such as CBD. These receptors can be found among a system called endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS). The main responsibility of this system is to maintain stable physiological parameters.

Those are, for example, pain, body temperature control, mental state, inflammation and many more. Once the ECS gets out of control, these processes can be highly affected and altered. That is why molecules that can regulate or affect this system are of great interest.

Effects of CBD

As already mentioned, CBD has shown promising results in scientific studies. Among others, the most interesting from a medical point of view are:

Analgesic effect (chronic pain): chronic pain is a serious problem that affects the daily life of people who suffer from it. At this stage, more research is still needed in this context. The effects could not be proven significantly in a scientific paper. What has been demonstrated is a decrease in the consumption of opiates (strong painkillers) since medical hemp has been legalized for pain treatment in certain countries.

Neuroprotective and anticonvulsant effect (neural diseases and epilepsy). Several studies have demonstrated the neuroprotective effect of CBD used in different neurological disorders such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. It is most likely related to the antioxidant properties of CBD.

Arthritis, joint problems: One study looked at whether CBD could prevent osteoarthritic pain. Based on their findings it did, because it decreased joint inflammation.

What makes CBD very interesting to society at large is the potential influence it can have on our mental state. People suffering from mild mental problems are increasing dramatically. Many people cannot cope with the current pace of life and this affects their mental health.

How can you take CBD?

There are many different products on the market. You can take CBD by almost any form of administration. There are vaporizers for inhalation, sublingual drops or sprays, topical products such as skin patches and emulsions for ingestion. The latter seems to be the safest form in terms of bioavailability or the way your body is able to absorb the most of the product.

Other important points to keep in mind when choosing a CBD product are:

Isolate vs. full-spectrum: Full-spectrum products contain different phytocannabinoids as well as other ingredients that have been shown to boost the efficacy of CBD. These are for example, omega 3, vitamins and minerals.

Terpens: Terpenes are natural compounds that are responsible for the tastes, smells and colors found in plants, including hemp. Their presence in the plant, in quality and quantity, depends on the growing conditions AND, more importantly, determines how the CBD product affects your body and mind.

Organic product: the use of pesticides on conventionally grown plants can damage the quality and quantity of phytocannabinoids.

Third-party studies: Studies conducted by independent companies without conflicts of interest are always more reliable than in-house studies. Although in-house studies are better than no studies at all.

Extraction method: As always, the less aggressive the extraction method, the better the product will perform. Look for companies that use CO-2 or food grade ethanol. These all-natural solvents will ensure that all cannabinoids and terpenes remain intact without the use of foreign substances.

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