If you have the appropriate education, or have attended a computer graphics course, you probably have an idea how to earn a graphic designer.

But even if you do not have such experience, but there is a great desire to engage in this type of creativity, then everything can be organized without major difficulties.

In addition, the Internet has a lot of useful training courses that will help you understand all the nuances of graphic design and give you a forum in a highly competitive environment among novice freelancer designers. Some of these courses are available absolutely free.

Who’s a graphic designer?

As we know, the main task of a graphic designer is to convey to the user certain information through the image. In other words, a graphic designer should speak for pictures, not texts.

Of course, in some cases, the text will also be appropriate, but in the context of design text, like a picture, should be “talking”. Stylized letters can only complement the image, being part of a whole. But the last word is always left to the image.

The skills of graphic designer find application in many areas, including the development of websites, advertising banners, corporate identity, covers for printed publications, computer game interfaces and so on. As we can see, the field of application of skills is very wide here.

But artists are not born, so before you think about how to earn a graphic designer, you need to become one fully. The skill of drawing will be a great springboard for a successful start as a graphic guru. But it would be useful to know that painting skills alone will not be enough, otherwise there may be a misconception that anyone who knows how to draw – a potential designer.

In order to master this profession, you need to know the basics of composition, to understand the fonts, to navigate in new and old (after all, new – well forgotten old) fashion trends in this area.

For example, to be able to clearly distinguish skevomorfizm from flat design, as an architect distinguishes between the Romanesque and Gothic style, to understand the trends of minimalism, and so on. All this can be learned on their own, but you can use paid or free video courses that will teach you not only to draw great sites, but also to think really creative that for a representative of this creative online profession is essential.

It is no secret that in order to become an online artist, you should master Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, using a particular program depending on the order.

While you are a beginner, the best way to work is to choose no more than three directions. For example, it can be the development of corporate identity and logos. To this you can add the creation of advertising banners. But if you start doing everything at once, then, firstly, you can not really delve into any of the areas, and secondly, customers will not perceive you as a professional.

Ways to earn money for an Internet artist

Of course, creativity is a great way to express yourself, self-knowledge, self-development and to launch many processes with the prefix “self-“. But when you can also make money on this, it is at least twice as pleasant. So, let’s find out how much a graphic designer earns.

In most cases, how much you can earn a graphic designer, depends on the complexity of the order – in general, and the customer – in particular.

It is no secret that many webmasters for objective reasons are looking for customers in Europe or the United States. Working in the company, such Internet artists earn $200 to $3000, and this is far from the limit. The salary is influenced by both the qualification of the master himself and the size of the company in which he works.

As for freelancers, their income depends primarily on how much time they are willing to spend on their work. Naturally, the quality of the work also plays a big role, but it often comes with practice. As the quality of work increases, so does the salary.

Assuming that you want to earn $300 per month, calculate how many hours you have spent on the job. For example, you work eight hours a day, five days a week. We get about 160 hours. So 300/160=$1.875 is the price for one hour of work. In addition, you can find out how much the graphic designer gets by analyzing the rates for various orders and determining what order you really can afford at this stage.

You should not grab for difficult, but expensive orders. It will be better if you gain experience thanks to short-term tasks that you can accurately cope with. After all, failure to cope with the task, which was not yet possible for you, there is a risk to be disappointed in the profession that you wanted to find.